Wombag 120 & 216


Includes two bags, Wombag 120 & 216, and rough surface decal!

Wombag, the patented suction cup bag, features a durable design to protect stored contents.

  • Functional suction cups adhere to almost any smooth surface
  • Double railed zipper to keep contents dry and free of dust
  • Crafted from clear PVC
  • IPX7 tested
  • Decal included for adhesion to semi-rough surfaces
  • Works with most phone touchscreens
  • Great for Face ID – keep your phone protected and unlock it easily!

Wombag is perfect for phones, cameras, keys, food storage, wallets, licenses (such as fishing or boating licenses) and more!

More Information

Are you planning a fun outdoor adventure this season? From camping and hiking, to ATVing and dirt biking, to boating and relaxing on the beach, there’s a new must-have travel companion: Wombag.

Wombag is a versatile option for keeping your valuables safe and dry, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Double-railed zippers ensure secure closure, and once inside, you can still use your phone’s touch screen and Face ID. Wombag has been IPX7 tested for water resistance, providing great protection against the elements.

Wondering what IPX7 testing verifies? IPX7 water resistance testing requires the product to be completely immersed in an enclosure of water under specific conditions of pressure and time. An IPX7 rating ensures the Wombag can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes without any damage.

The two included sizes of Wombag can accommodate many items, such as phones, wallets, keys, license documents, and cameras. Thanks to its suction cups, it can attach to most smooth surfaces. What’s more, the Wombag comes with a decal for adhesion to semi-rough surface. Just remember, the Wombag works best on a clean surface. To ensure a secure fit, wet the suction cups slightly and firmly press the bag to the surface.

Additionally, its design allows you to pack a lunch and keep it dry in a cooler, making it a practical and convenient choice for daily use. Be prepared for whatever your next great adventure throws your way with your set of clear Wombags on hand to protect your valuables and more.